Saturday, August 06, 2011

Today's the big day: Texas Gov. Rick Perry holds his big "prayer rally” in Houston

Since rumors are flying fast and furiously that Gov. Rick Perry is going to throw his 10 gallon hat into the clown car 2012 GOP Presidential Contenders' ring any day now, I think we should take a look at who the good guv has invited to his "prayer rally".

Now I happen to think that anyone considering a run for President of the United States deserves extra scrutiny. And who that person associates with becomes quite relevant to me.

Here is Right Wing Watch's description of today's rally:

On August 6, Texas Gov. Rick Perry will host The Response, a “prayer rally” in Houston, along with the extremist American Family Association and a cohort of Religious Right leaders with far-right political ties. While the rally’s leaders label it a "a non-denominational, apolitical Christian prayer meeting," the history of the groups behind it suggests otherwise. The Response is powered by politically active Religious Right individuals and groups who are dedicated to bringing far-right religious view, including degrading views of gays and lesbians and non-Christians, into American politics.
In fact, a spokesman for The Response has said that while non-Christians will be welcomed at the rally, they will be urged to “seek out the living Christ.” Allan Parker, a right-wing activist who participated in an organizing conference call for the event, declared in an email bearing the official Response logo that including non-Christians in the event "would be idolatry of the worst sort."
Perry told James Dobson that the rally was necessary because Americans have “turned away from God.

Right Wing Watch also does a thorough job documenting the radicalism of the extremists who have received invitations from Gov. Perry to play lead roles in this rally.  It is well worth the time to click over and read about the people Gov. Perry chooses to rub elbows with, especially now that he is thinking about running for our President.

Chris Mathews does a piece on this as well:


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