Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sheriff Paul Babeu ain't no Larry Craig and he's making no apologies for being gay

I am not sure if Sheriff Babeu can survive this "scandal" (hey, in the Republican Party being gay is the scandal - not abuse of power for allegedly threatening deportation of an "illegal alien" boyfriend he happened to have been involved with until the relationship went sour - bullying minorities is standard GOP operating procedure after all - so no scandal there), but I have to grudgingly admit, I am kind of liking this guy. He is not pulling a Larry Craig and surrounding himself with a beard pathetic dutiful wife and wounded embarrassed kids, and he is NOT denying he is gay. In fact, he is proudly owning his sexual orientation and moving the conversation on to the issues that make him believe he belongs in the Republican party. Good on him!!  And though I cannot, in any circumstance, imagine myself ever voting for any Republican again in my lifetime, I have to say this guy, Sheriff Paul, has earned my admiration. He has more cajones than all the buffoons we call Republicans here in Arizona combined.

I gotta believe he is scaring a few Religious Right homophobes and bigots right about now too and that just tickles me pink. If he keeps on doing what he's doing now, unabashedly owning who he is, and moving the conversation away from the stupid culture war issues that fuel idiots like Rick Santorum and on to what is important to the somewhat reasonable Republicans in Arizona and the Ron Paul independents,  I think the guy might just stand a chance of surviving politically. And if nothing else, I think he's actually making another Arizona sheriff, the biggest Arizona bully of them all, Joe Arpaio, look like a world class wussy right about now. Now wouldn't that be sumthin - an out and proud gay Republican Sheriff kickin Sheriff Joe Buffoon Arpaio's ample arse in the popularity polls? Be still my heart ...



Anonymous said...

Thought you might enjoy this I know I did.


Your blog is my favorite I check it everynight before bed.

Sallie (seething mom too!)

Seething Mom said...

Yes Sallie, we seething moms know each other well. I did indeed love this. Good on that hair stylist. And shame on that guv, she better watch herself or she may end up with a reverse mohawk.