Thursday, February 09, 2012

We need more Republicans like this Washington state legislator

I dare you to watch this without a tissue. I sure couldn't do it. Watch it and weep (with tears of joy).

The fact is, this fight for equality for the glbt community should not be splitting down party lines. It is NOT a partisan issue. Having a gay or lesbian child is not exclusive to any political party, religious affiliation, race, ethnicity, or any other category. And equality, dignity, family values, fairness, personal responsibility, the right to marry who we love, and the pursuit of happiness are certainly not values reserved for some Americans and not others. They are values that define us as Americans, they are values that unite us as one, they are values for everyone and not just for those that don't give Rick Santorum the heebie jeebies. And yet, for the most part, the Republican party believes these values should be divvied up based on what makes their socially conservative religious base most comfie. Being able to commit to and marry the person you love, without government intervention, without Religious intervention, and without restrictions that others around you don't suffer, is the American way, which is why we need Republicans on board to win this battle once and for all. And it is also why we should be applauding the Republican legislator in the above clip and any other Republican who recognizes that this is an American value we are fighting for, not a right wing Republican value.



CJ said...

Thanks for posting this - I knew about the passage of the bill, but hadn't looked into any of the discussions. It is heartening to see a legislator speaking from the heart rather than the book of party line rules.

Seething Mom said...

I agree. In fact her speech touched me so much that I wrote her a personal note to let her know how much I appreciated her vote and what she had to say. We need Republicans on board and when we get one to cross that line and side with fairness, dignity, and equality for all, we need to thank them and have their backs.