Friday, March 16, 2012

No Big Surprise Here: Arizona's Biggest Homophobe Is Also A Big Fat Bully Herself

Ahhh jeeze, one of Arizona's nastiest, most homophobic godbotherers has waddled her way back into the spotlight, making news again, this time for killing SB 1462, an anti-bullying measure that was approved in the state Senate with bi-partisan support.

Why, pray-tell, would a "good Christian" like Cathi Herrod want to squash a bill that would have set up a system for reporting bullying on school campuses and programs to educate administrators, teachers and students on the dangers of bullying and how to spot it?  Well because Cathi Herrod, a heavyweight lobbyist and president of the Center for Arizona Policy, believes there is a grand conspiracy afoot for gays to "gain access to our schools and to our children."

And when Cathi Herrod decides something is not good for Arizona's children, like protecting them from the devastating affects of bullying, then Cathi Herrod, "good Christian" that she is, makes sure a bill like that dies before it ever sees the light of day. Because as we all know, it is better to take the chance that some Arizona children will get the living sh*t beat out of them than to take the chance that a "cultural acceptance and affirmation of homosexual lifestyles" might take root with this generation of children.

And shame on all those big-talkin, faux-macho, gun-totin, good ole boy Republicans in the Arizona legislature who wet their pants in utter fear the moment they heard Godzilla Herrod enter the halls of the state capital. What a bunch of cowardly toads for caving on this bill. They showed us once and for all why its 24-7 talk about guns, guns, and more guns. They're scared sh*tless of their own shadows --- and of Cathi Herrod. Good job you idiots, you can talk tough all you want, but now we know what you really are: a bunch of gutless wimps.

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